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How To Slay Your Sunday

Have you ever lost your weekend? Where you did too much or too little and wasn’t satisfied with the quality of your Saturday and Sunday… Well, when we plan our entire week, why not spend a little time planning our days off. It makes a world of a difference. Because at the moment of decision-making, when it comes to going out, or staying in, if you haven’t given it a thought and act on impulse, you may end up doing something your mind and body don’t really need or enjoy.

Sleep in

A lot of us have sleep deficit from the week. While I encourage waking up early no matter what day of the week it is, weekends are the ideal time to doze all day and have a sleep surplus before entering the week. Stresses and all the things we’ve learned during the week need extra sleep time to integrate into our brains. If there was one thing you could do for your brain, this would be it.

Catch up with friends and family

Be it on the phone or in person, this is the perfect day to catch up with your fave people or/and pets. The workweek may not give us time for this, and actually scheduling something beforehand helps us ensure it happens. If you don’t feel like stepping out at night, and want to stick to your nighttime routine or make sure you’re in bed on time, then meeting people for brunch or coffee is the perfect antidote. 

Plan your weekends

Yes, ladies and gents, boys and girls. Counterintuitive as it may sound, the most successful people in the world plan their weekends. They plan ahead for play, passion, learning and rest. Don’t get sucked into the productivity trap. Planning does not equal work on weekends. Planning your Saturday and Sunday means, scheduling time for sleep, exercise, fun and bonding. When this is set on your calendar, these happen automatically and you don’t lose your weekend trying to do too much or too little.

Balance your week out

Jay Shetty on this episode on his amazing podcast, On Purpose, talks about finding the sweet spot between a tough week and a relaxing weekend or a desk-heavy or slow week and an active, fun weekend. I highly recommend this strategy since we all have different routines and different weekly demands.


A day without exercise and my energy levels drop. I work out during the week and have a karate class on Saturdays so on Sunday I take it easy. But not working out is not the best thing for me, mentally, so if I can, I go for a brisk walk instead. This also helps assimilating and organising thoughts in my mind and clearing my head for the week to come.

I hope you enjoy these tips and begin slaying your Sunday starting this weekend.



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