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A Sample Day In The Life Of A Writer

If you're a creative person who manages their own hours, a freelancer, a student on holiday from university, a person who works from home time-to-time, or you're wondering how to get your side hustle going on weekends, this may be the post that helps lay things out for you!

Wake up!

I wake up to my favourite music of the week. These days it's my mixtape on YouTube Music.


Next I meditate, journal and set an intention for the day. The longer this process, the earlier I wake up, but I'm finding this exceedingly easier, thanks to Robin Sharma's The 5AM Club.


I get my blood pumping, with training or Yoga With Adriene. This really helps get the day off to a good start.

The Creative Hours

I try to write fiction, blogs, catch up on reading or do deep creative work in the first ninety minutes of everyday. Sometimes this has to be before work hours. At times it is within work hours. But it has to be first thing in the morning.

The Work Hours

I take plenty of frequent breaks as the idea is to conserve energy and delay decision fatigue as much as possible. Staying connected to what inspires me is also always on the agenda :) so work feels like play.

The Rest

Depending on my work day, I alternate between play and rest. Rest means getting in touch with my week's agenda or where my work is going. It could be things I want to accomplish in the year or getting facetime with a real book.

The Play

More yoga, or actual playing of tennis or long walks.

Wind down

Winding down means a redo of morning reflection. One big tip that really helps me is to pin down the top 3 things I'm going to work on the next day. So even if it's a little tough, when I know it's gotta be done, the frog is eaten in the morning. The remainder of the day is always pretty smooth.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for a lowdown on having a creative weekend or a #staycation at home.



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